If you’re an aspiring oenophile, Boise wine dinners are a great place to explore different types of wine and wine-food pairings.

At Richard’s Restaurant & Bar, our wine dinners get the Boise wine-loving community together with local winemakers over some excellent wine and food. There are more and more wine events in Boise each year, but very few will pair you with winemakers available to teach you about their products.

In this article, we are going to give you a short guide to wine dinners and give you some tips on finding the perfect wine-food pairings. Nowhere in Boise will you find a better wine event than at Richard’s, so keep reading and you’ll be prepared to make the most of our wine nights.

What Are Boise Wine Dinners?

Wine dinners are multi-course dinners where each course is paired with different types of wine. Both the food and the wine will start with more light and delicate flavors. As you move through each course, the flavors become more bold and intense.

Why does it work this way? Because your taste buds become progressively duller throughout an entire meal. You need to ramp up the intensity, which is why you often see very rich desserts served with delicious dessert wines.

How to Pair Food and Wine

There are a few important rules for pairing food and wine. As you’ll find out, there can be joy in breaking them, but these are foolproof methods for enjoying your food and wine together:

  • Food should be less acidic than the wine
  • Wine should be sweeter than the food
  • Red wine goes better with bold-flavored dishes
  • White wine goes better with lighter dishes
  • Balance bitter wines with fatty dishes
  • Match your wine with the sauce rather than the featured ingredient

Pinot Noir and Earthy Flavors

Any dishes that contain earthy flavors from mushrooms, lentils, or Swiss chard pair beautifully with Pinot Noir. The wine is light but contains a savory depth that complements the natural saltiness in the food.

Chardonnay With Fatty Fish

Fatty fish – swordfish, salmon, and cod – will always pair well with smooth white Chardonnays. Lighter fish in a rich sauce will have a similar effect.

Cab Sauv and Red Meat

A good Cabernet Sauvignon or Bordeaux will complement a juicy red meat, like steak or lamb. The tannins in the wine are pronounced against the fat of the meat, which balances the tannins to create a symbiotic flavor combination.

Dry Rose With Cheesy Dishes

It can be tricky to pair wine and cheese, despite their mutual dependence. Some cheeses like red, others like white. Almost all cheese dishes will pair well with a dry rose, which also works with light fish and fresh greens.

Moscato With Fruity Desserts

Sparkling wine always makes for a good dessert wine. In particular, Moscato d’Asti can really help bring the flavor out in a fruity dessert.

Get Ready for Wine Dinners in Downtown Boise

Boise wine dinners at Richard’s are a celebration of amazing food and fine wine. Our wine dinners sell out quickly, so keep your eyes peeled for future events, as they happen throughout the year.

Richard’s Restaurant & Bar is one of the top Boise restaurants and among the best places to eat in the state. Check out our current dinner menu, which boasts gorgeous dishes featuring seasonal, local ingredients prepared simply to showcase their natural flavors.