What’s the deal with seasonal menus?

If you’ve been visiting different restaurants in Boise, Idaho, you may have picked up on this trend. A few times a year, many upscale restaurants will change their menu options to reflect the season.

These menu changes aren’t arbitrary. From high-end caterers to chef-owned restaurants, designing seasonal menu options is both an art and a science—and customers ultimately benefit from the changes.

How so?

That’s what we’re going to discuss in this brief article. Keep reading to find out why seasonal menus make sense!

Fresh, Local Ingredients

When you eat food in Boise, it’s nice to know if it’s locally sourced. Restaurants with seasonal menus use more local ingredients by offering foods currently in high supply from local farmers.

Different foods and ingredients are in season at different times depending on where you are in the world. To use the same menu year-round, restaurants have to import ingredients over long distances when they aren’t in season locally.

Locally-sourced foods tend to be fresher, higher quality, and better tasting than imported options.

Healthier, Better-Tasting Food

When restaurants update their menus to reflect whatever foods are in season and locally available, they’re able to offer better-tasting food that’s better for you.

Even foods that aren’t grown locally but are harvested during their ideal growing season are better than those raised at other times of the year.

Whether you’re concerned for your health or just interested in sampling the best flavors possible, seasonal menus make it possible.

A More Interesting Dining Experience

When a chef-owned restaurant in Boise takes the liberty of changing its menu often, the chef is free to tailor unique dining experiences for his patrons.

Chefs will use seasonal menus to focus on high-quality, high-value ingredients as they become available. If a restaurant finds an excellent deal on a certain ingredient, they might come up with dishes that feature it to capitalize on the opportunity.

This kind of flexibility gives chefs the freedom to experiment and come up with exciting, creative menu options.

Try Our Seasonal Menu Today

From better flavors to better value for your money, these are only a few reasons why seasonal menus are the best. The next time you want to experience upscale dining in Boise, keep these facts in mind.

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