Are you part of America’s growing movement of adventurous drinkers and diners?

In the world of cocktails, innovation reigns supreme. Richard’s Bar Manager, Kaid Fish, and his staff of mixologists constantly seek out new ingredients and flavor
combinations to create unique and unforgettable drinks.

From infusing cocktails with exotic herbs, creating shrubs, to experimenting with unexpected spices, the possibilities are endless.

So, read on and discover Richard’s colorful cocktails and the mixology masters behind them.

Bartender Vs. Mixologist: Know the Difference

In the realm of crafting drinks, two titles come to mind: Bartender and Mixologist. The two roles might appear synonymous at first glance, but they bear distinctive
characteristics that set them apart.


Bartenders are the backbone of any bar or pub, and their expertise lies in mastering the basics of bartending, pouring beer, and mixing up the classics.


Mixologists are the chefs of the beverage world, blending elements of creativity and craftsmanship into each drink they prepare. They take cocktail creation to an entirely different level, elevating it to an art form. Creating a new cocktail is more than throwing some ingredients in a glass. A lot of thought and trial-and-error, much like cooking, goes into each drink. Balance is key to making a drink that you’ll enjoy from first sip to last.

Here at Richard’s, our bar staff are well versed in the discipline of Mixology. Precision and presentation are their forte, and we're proud to present these signature cocktails for your enjoyment:

Shady Bee
A twist on the classic “Bee’s Knees,” the Shady Bee blends Chapter One Navy Strength gin and Dolin Génépy, tempered by the complexity of Amaro Nonino and sweetness of honey simple syrup. A zesty twist of lemon and a tantalizing honeycomb toffee garnish top off this gin-drinker’s favorite.

False Fruit Margarita
Tequila is all the rage—think of all the movie stars who have taken the plunge into the world of tequila! “False fruit” is another name for pear, and we’ve elevated the traditional margarita, made with Piedra Azul tequila, by adding a smooth pear puree, adding white pepper to kick it up a notch.

Balsamic Boulevardier
Savor the complexity of our Balsamic Boulevardier, where Knob Creek bourbon meets the bitter allure of Campari and the smooth sweetness of sweet vermouth. Muddled blueberries add a burst of freshness, while an orange foam softens the nose of this bourbon-forward cocktail, and the balsamic reduction adds a touch of acid.

French Daisy

Based on the classic daiquiri, this isn’t that frozen concoction you mixed in a blender in the 80’s! Bacardi rum shares the limelight in this cocktail with Lillet Blanc to create a harmonious base, lifted by the zing of fresh lime juice. A refreshing and classic libation.


The Basilico is one of our most popular vodka cocktails. What makes it so drinkable is the perfect balance between the sweetness of the basil and the bitterness of the grapefruit. It’s both fragrant and refreshing!

Experience Our Colorful Cocktails Today

If these offerings sound delicious, we’ve got good news. We have a whole host of delicious cocktails for you to try, plus several non-alcoholic options so you can still indulge during Sober October!

Your patronage not only allows you to savor these delicious creations but also supports the talented mixologists behind them, allowing us to push the boundaries on our next cocktail list.

Richard’s is the perfect place for those who appreciate the fusion of fine dining and premium cocktails. So, why wait? Reserve your table and be part of a special evening that celebrates the art of mixology.