Let’s start with tequila. Everyone’s had a Margarita, which is typically the first tequila cocktail we all try and that probably came out of a slushy machine at TGIFridays. But tequilas have suddenly caught the eye of celebrities like George Clooney (Casamigos), Dwayne Johnson, Nick Jonas, and Mark Wahlberg who have attached their names to some popular brands. So how do you pick a good one? 

The first sign of a good tequila is that it is made with 100% blue agave. Tequilas are labeled Blanco (silver), Joven (young), Reposado (rested), Añejo (aged), or Extra Añejo (extra aged) depending on how long they’re aged. 

  • Blanco is aged for a maximum of two months and represents the true flavor of agave with the goal of maintaining the flavor from earth to spirit. 
  • Joven is a Blanco blended with a darker tequila like Reposado or Añejo;
  • Reposado is aged from two to twelve months;
  • Añejo is aged from one to three years; 
  • Extra Añejo is aged longer than three years.

As tequila is aged in small batch barrels, you can expect the flavor to move from brighter notes of citrus, herbs and minerality toward softer notes that almost resemble whiskey with notes of honey, vanilla, and baking spices. 

Richard’s bartenders know their tequilas and are happy to share their knowledge with you if you’re venturing beyond the traditional Margarita. Our Six Shooter cocktail is made with Piedra Reposado tequila and shaken with our house jalapeño shrub, lime, pineapple, aquafaba (vegan substitute for egg whites that makes it foamy) and poured into a glass rimmed with achiote grapefruit salt rim. It’s a balanced tequila cocktail with a spicy finish that will have you asking for a second round!


Mezcal is tequila’s mysterious cousin. A tequila is a mezcal but a mezcal is not necessarily a tequila (we’ll give you minute to ponder that). While tequila requires 100% blue agave, mezcal allows flexibility in its use of wild species of agave, which are commonly cooked underground to yield Mezcal’s signature smoky flavor. Behind that initial smoke you can find tropical notes like pineapple and spices like cinnamon or black pepper. Mezcal often uses traditional methods of production that tie into Mexico’s spiritual culture. 

If you’re a scotch drinker who likes smoky scotch, then try a mezcal cocktail. Our Century Old-Fashioned is made with Xicaru Mezcal, cinnamon-lime agave, plum bitters, and rimmed with achiote grapefruit salt. A smoky, yet modern twist on a classic cocktail that will satisfy even an inveterate old-fashioned fan.

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If you’re ready to expand your tequila drinks and perhaps even dip a toe into the world of mezcal, then Richard’s has you covered. We’re happy to explain the differences in all the brands we offer and to recommend a cocktail to suit your palate.