The farm-to-table movement has been around for over 40 years. It all began with Chez Panisse, a Berkeley, California restaurant founded by Alice Waters on the
premise of providing fresh, organic, and locally grown foods.

Local sourcing is not only more sustainable for the environment. It also gives diners access to fresher, more nutritious ingredients packaged with fewer preservatives. And
these aren’t the only advantages to eating local.

Inspired by the benefits of locally grown produce and meats, Chef Richard Langston has been showcasing local ingredients on his menus in Boise since opening his first place in 1996. Learn more about our menu and mission in this post.

What Does Locally Grown Mean?

Experts define “locally grown” foods as ingredients produced and harvested within a 100-mile radius. Most locally grown products come from smaller, family-owned
businesses rather than commercial farms.

At Richard’s, locally grown means working diligently to source Idaho and Pacific Northwest produce and animal products. Keeping in mind Idaho’s relatively short growing period, we buy our ingredients from farms and ranches within 200 miles of our restaurant’s downtown Boise location when we can. Unfortunately, while our growers are great at growing, they’re not always great at the supply chain end. It takes extra time to track down these premium ingredients, and Chef Langston has worked for nearly 30 years with many of these farmers who have remained loyal to his

The Benefits of Local Sourcing at Richard’s Restaurant and Bar

Richard’s Restaurant’s Bar sees farm-to-table dishes as more than a trend. It is a lifestyle that harkens back to Chef Langston cooking at his grandmother’s side, using produce out of her garden—fresh figs, fresh okra and tomatoes, and fresh peaches, to name a few. Seasonal is key to our dishes and our philosophy—cherries purchased in the middle winter just aren’t the same as cherries picked at the peak of ripeness in Emmett, Idaho. Highlighting seasonal ingredients, and using the best quality ingredients, are the cornerstone of Chef Langston’s cooking.

The benefits of getting produce and animal products nearby are many. Here are some of the top reasons to consider locally sourced ingredients.

Local Ingredients Are More Sustainable

Local sourcing reduces transportation costs and carbon emissions. Transporting foods across short distances also makes it possible to buy fresher, preservative-free ingredients. This is as close to handpicked as you can get.

Local Ingredients Support the Boise Economy
Many of the local farmers and ranchers we work with at Richard’s are well-known at the Boise Farmer’s Market. You can shake the hand of the person or people who nourished your food from seed to shelf. Mama Knows Best Microgreens, Rice Family Farms, Western Farms of Idaho, and Thomas Cattle Co., are a few of the growers and farmers Richard’s buys from.

Local Ingredients Just Taste Better

The quality of local ingredients is unparalleled–the food fresher and more nutritious. And we hope our guests are patronizing all the wonderful local growers at the various Farmers’ Markets in the Treasure Valley. There’s nothing like a just-picked tomato, whether you eat it at Richard’s or at home!

See What’s in Season at Richard’s

Local sourcing is better for your health, local Idaho businesses, and the environment. You can experience these benefits and many more when you dine with us at Richard’s.
Are you craving a plate of locally grown, in-season Boise ingredients? Richard’s has a long history of supporting Idaho growers and showcasing their garden-fresh ingredients on their menus. Make a reservation at Richard’s for a taste of Idaho with our latest seasonal menus.