There’s nothing better than sitting down to a great meal with friends or family—and it’s even better if you don’t have to cook it yourself! Richard’s Sunday Supper Club is a relaxing way to end your weekend—or start your week—depending on how you look at it!

Richard’s Sunday Supper Club offers a four-course pasta dinner for two for 80.00. Start with either our signature Hand-Cut Chips or our Flash-fried Shishito Peppers to share. (And, add a cocktail or glass of wine to complement either appetizer!)

Then our large, shareable salad, served on a platter, will be brought to your table. Help yourself to our tasty salad of mixed greens, toasted sunflower seeds, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, and feta. And you can choose one or two of our three house dressings: stone-ground mustard vinaigrette, creamy green olive dressing, or our house Caesar.

Next choose from our pastas (and we warn you that this will be a difficult decision). If you’re a meat lover, then our cannelloni is for you. We hand-roll pasta sheets with sausage, ricotta, bechamel and spinach, top them with red sauce and parmesan, and bake them. Rich and hearty!

Or our cheese ravioli (a customer favorite) comes with your choice of sauce: either pesto cream, brown butter sage or Bolognese. You can’t go wrong with any of them, and you may have to come on multiple Sundays to try them all!

We’ve also added your choice of our seasonal pastas to the mix from our current menu. In April, this is either our house-made pappardelle with meatballs and tomato-vodka sauce, OR our mushroom linguine, with locally-cultivated mushrooms tossed in a pistachio-mascarpone sauce.

And who can forget dessert? Our pastry chef’s seasonal menu has something for everyone, from Richard’s take on tiramisu, to Sicilian Strawberry Cake or an amazing cheesecake made with mild fromage black goat cheese and topped with pickled blueberries. You’ll pick one dessert to share, which is the perfect ending to a wonderful Sunday supper together.


Four courses; eighty dollars: dinner out at Richard’s without breaking the bank. The perfect Sunday evening, and the perfect start to your week. With no dirty dishes in the sink!