FARE Idaho was born out of the chaos caused by the pandemic in 2020. Restaurants and bars were hit hard, as were the local producers that supplied them. To help independents gain a “seat at the table,” FARE Idaho was born. Their mission is to bring awareness to local farms and local restaurants, and to help lobby for things like health care that many independents can’t offer.

Here are a few issues FARE Idaho is working on for 2024:

  • Developing local markets for farmers, food, and beverage producers
  • Liquor license policy legislation
  • Promoting the unique value of Idaho’s independent restaurants, cafes, bars and tasting rooms
  • Ensuring the longevity of farmers and ranchers in Idaho

FARE Idaho’s 2nd annual “Field to Fork Festival,” coming up January 18th, 2024, at JUMP, is a showcase for local farmers, food producers, restaurants, wineries and breweries, etc.. This event is free to the public and a must-attend for foodies and anyone interested in meeting local producers in person.

There will be chef-led classes, panel discussions and booths with plenty of samples from local producers—many well-known, and some that may be new to you. Also think about sitting in on discussions to improve the local food industry, how legislation is impacting Idaho’s liquor licenses, and panel discussions about the challenges of connecting producers with buyers like Richard’s Restaurant.

What’s on at the Field to Fork Festival?

Thanks to the outstanding sponsors, you can enjoy this memorable experience for free. Before you arrive, register to attend to help the organizers put on the best possible show. After signing up, grab a napkin and get ready to sample your way through Idaho’s food and beverage wares!

When you arrive at JUMP at 9 a.m., prepare for a jam-packed day of noteworthy events. Over 15 demonstrations and discussions with 100 vendors are available across 8 hours. So you are spoiled for choice when educating yourself or enjoying local delicacies from the best restaurants nearby.

Who Is Attending the Field to Fork Festival, besides you?

Over 100 vendors will be manning booths and looking forward to sharing their wares with you. From coffee roasters, cattle ranchers, wineries, distilleries, and food producer. Meet the producers, ask questions, learn their unique stories and why they all love Idaho and its unique food scene.

Chef-led classes on canning, making crepes and  to-die for lentil soup (among other topics) will be hosted by:

  • Kelly Cox, House of Creature
  • Julie Berger, Tipsy Chef Cafe
  • Jamie Webster, Das Alpenhaus Delikatesse
  • Hana Mutlak, Food Land Market
  • Thomas Lloyd, Bittercreek Alehouse/ Just Eat Local

And, of course, hundreds of locals will be attending to witness this unforgettable experience. And just like any concert or match, you and your fellow foodies will play a vital role in enhancing the overall success.

Be sure to attend the Field to Fork Afterparty at Amsterdam Lounge. They will offer Idaho wines, cocktails, and a light strolling dinner. Celebrate food and beverage independents in a lively social hub.

Attend FARE Idaho’s Field to Fork Festival in 2024

Visiting the Field to Fork Festival will give you an up-close view of how the food you enjoy at your favorite local independent restaurant actually gets there—from the seeds planted in the ground through harvest and distribution. It’s a lot more complicated than you might think, especially in a state like Idaho with its short growing season. Plus witnessing FARE Idaho’s mission first-hand will give you an added appreciation of what challenges local restaurants and producers face daily.

Inspired to try more local fare? Stop into Richard’s Restaurant & Bar for Happy Hour (until 6pm) or dinner and taste the local products we use every day on our menu, including Dawson Taylor Coffee, Mama Knows Best Microgreens, and Thomas Cattle Co., to name just a few. Reserve a table today to continue your foodie adventure on January 18th!