Mimosas at Richard's Restaurant & Bar

You’ve heard of it, tried it, and probably loved it: a good, old-fashioned mimosa. This drink, famous for its omnipresence at breakfast and brunch settings, is the perfect combination of two classic flavors. Orange juice and champagne go hand in hand to create an exceptional AM cocktail.

Have you ever wondered about the history of mimosas? What about the best champagne for mimosas? Read on to learn all about the mimosa.

1. Mimosas are Almost a Century Old

The first mimosa was reported to have been crafted in 1925 at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, a sophisticated setting for an equally sophisticated drink. The inspiration for the drink is said to have come from a cocktail called Buck’s Fizz.

While the Buck’s Fizz has two parts sparkling wine to one part orange juice, the traditional mimosa has equal parts of both, giving it a unique and robust flavor profile.

2. Mix and Match Flavors

When you think of the mimosa, the classic combination of orange juice and champagne springs to mind, and for good reason. These two drinks work well together, especially in a brunch setting.

There are different variations you can try if you don’t enjoy orange juice, like cranberry or grapefruit.

You also don’t have to use champagne for your mimosa. In fact, it’s a bit of a waste of real champagne to use it in a mimosa. Try a prosecco, a cava, or a domestic sparkling—whatever fits your budget and taste. The higher the quality, though, the better the mimosa (and less risk of a hangover!).

3. Not Just for Brunch Anymore

Visit any brunch spot  in Boise and you’ll probably find a mimosa on the menu. However, you don’t have to pair your mimosa with eggs and avocado toast to make it a good meal.

You can enjoy your mimosa with practically any meal or snack. It’s light, low-alcohol and refreshing! If you want a portable option, there are now mimosas in a can to take on picnics or camping.

4. Make It a Mocktail

If you don’t drink alcohol, don’t worry. You can still sip on a mimosa that is alcohol-free but equally delicious.

Replace the champagne with any sparkling mixer—seltzers, even flavored, work well! The possibilities are truly endless, and you’ll get all of the fun with no hangover.

5. They’re Better When They’re Bottomless

When you go to brunch and order a mimosa, and you want more than one, go bottomless! You can savor and sip without worrying about an ever-climbing tab.

At Richard’s, up your weekend brunch mimosa game with our juice options: traditional orange, grapefruit, or cranberry. Have one this weekend for $10.00, or try them all with our bottomless mimosas deal, only $18.00 per person.

And you know what they say about brunch without a mimosa: it’s just sad breakfast!

Richard’s Restaurant & Bar has everything, from delicious weekend brunch to elegant dinner fare to craft cocktails. Stop in today to enjoy our delicious offerings, or make a reservation ahead of time to beat the line.