Trying to decide what to get your dad for Father’s Day?

He already has a closet full of ties, funny t-shirts, and enough “#1 Dad” coffee mugs for every day of the week.

One recent survey found that most dads would prefer to go out for a Father’s Day brunch, Father’s Day dinner, or another Father’s Day meal with their kids. About 70% of the dads polled said a meal would be the best gift of the bunch.

If you’re thinking about going in this direction, many restaurants can set your dad up with a meal on Father’s Day in Boise, ID. Richard’s Restaurant & Bar is the one you should choose.

Here are three reasons why.

1. Free Bacon!

Is there anything the average dad loves more than bacon? Maybe his kids and his significant other. But bacon definitely comes in a close third!

At Richard’s Restaurant & Bar, we know how much dads love bacon. We’ll treat yours to free (yes, FREE!) bacon both at brunch and at dinner this Father’s Day.

Of all the different Father’s Day specials we run, this one will be the most popular with dads. They’ll know how much you care when they’re chowing down on free bacon.

2. Delicious Menu Options

The free bacon that Richard’s Restaurant & Bar can provide for your dad on Father’s Day in Boise will be great. But why stop there? We’re also going to be serving so many other great Father’s Day dining options.

If you join us for Father’s Day brunch, we’ll have chicken and waffles on the menu. It’ll get your dad’s day off to a fantastic start. Plus that free bacon on the side. And don’t forget that Dad can build his own Bloody Mary—and it doesn’t require any power tools!

But the deliciousness won’t end there. If you join us for Father’s Day dinner, we can set your dad up with a nice big Grilled 12 oz. Thomas Cattle Co. Ribeye. What could be better than that? (Sharing it with you, obvs.)

Father's Day chicken and waffles

3. Delectable Desserts

At the end of his Father’s Day brunch or Father’s Day dinner, your dad is going to be stuffed to the gills. But when you bring him to Richard’s Restaurant & Bar, let him know he’ll need to save room for one of our incredible desserts made by our pastry chef.

Our Chocolate de Leche Tart is to die for. It features:

  • Chocolate pâte sucrée
  • House-made dulce de leche
  • Chocolate cream
  • Sea salt
  • And…

Oh, look, your dad is already drooling! Make sure you get a table at Richard’s Restaurant & Bar this year so that you’re able to take his Father’s Day in Boise to the next level.

chocolate dulce de leche

Chocolate dulce de leche

Celebrate Father’s Day in Boise at Richard’s

Dad doesn’t need another tie or whatever other gift you were thinking about buying him for Father’s Day. All he really needs is to spend some quality time with his family.

He’ll be able to do that when you bring him to Richard’s Restaurant & Bar for a Father’s Day brunch or Father’s Day dinner. It’ll prove to be one of the best ways to celebrate your dad on Father’s Day in Boise.

Reserve a table at Richard’s to put a smile on your dad’s face this Father’s Day.