Most of us grew up drinking Shirley Temples or Roy Rogers as kids. We felt sophisticated ordering our own “drink” when we ate at a fancy restaurant with our parents, and it was an excuse to con the bartender out of as many maraschino cherries as we could. 

Now that we’re all grown up, “mocktails” have grown up as well. For years if you chose not to drink—either because you don’t drink, or it was your turn to be the designated driver—there were few choices. A Sprite, or maybe soda water with a splash of cranberry and a lime. Not very exciting. And it called attention to the fact that you weren’t drinking like everyone else. 

But non-alcoholic beverages have finally caught up with the craft beer and craft cocktail craze we have been enjoying for years. 

Non-alcoholic beer is the fastest growing segment of beer sales. Athletic Brewing only brews non-alcoholic beer and started their brewery because they felt this market segment was missing—and they were right! Even Guinness has an N/A version. You’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference—it pours just like the real thing, creamy head and all. The grocery store has more N/A beer every time you visit, from IPAs to ales to lagers and radlers. 

And there are many non-alcoholic liquors available today as well. Not only do they have 0% to 0.5% alcohol, but they are very low- or even no-calorie. If you’re watching your waistline, N/A is the way to go. 

One of our favorite N/A liquors is Dr. Zero Zero AmarNo (made in Italy, just like an amaro, with all the herbs the Italians throw into their amari, but sans the alcohol). Perfect for sipping, pouring over a gelato, or in our Easy Breezy cocktail.

The Pathfinder (check out the super cool bottle next time you’re in) is distilled from hemp in Portland, Oregon. (The legal hemp plant–not the other one!) We feature this in two drinks, the Faux-Fashioned (also available at Happy Hour as a “Copy & Paste” option), and the Darjeeling Ltd. 

Lyre’s has created a number of N/A liquors, and we love their Dry London spirit “gin”—perfect in our Spring Reviver No.2. 

We’re also loving Seedlip. Like Lyre’s, they have several different N/A liquors in their lineup, and their “Notas de Agave” is an amazing tequila substitute without the wicked hangover. Our Prickly Pear “No-jito” (pictured) is delicious and refreshing. 

For our N/A beer list we’ve selected Athletic Brewing’s Upside Dawn Golden—light, clean and slightly citrusy. Fremont Brewing’s Orange Wit is perfect to drink on a hot summer day; it has just the right amount of orange. And you can’t go wrong with Heineken 0.0, the number one N/A beer in the country. Honestly, you can’t taste the difference! Perfect to substitute at your next BBQ when you want a cold one, but you don’t want the alcohol. 

Whether you’re a life-long teetotaler, cutting down on alcohol for health reasons, or just want to try a delicious new cocktail or beer, any of our non-alcoholic options will satisfy. You can go out for drinks with friends tonight, and still be ready for that big presentation in the morning!